Be at choice!

I am really enjoying challenging myself and know that I am growing and changing because of the opportunities I've sought. I believe that I am making choices, not sacrifices as I choose to focus on each new project. Although inevitably I accept that by saying yes to one project I may be saying no, or no not now to another. I gained a huge amount in my role of Chef de Mission for the Youth Olympic Games last summer and recently became the first Woman Boat Race umpire, umpiring the reserve race for the Women. I constantly seek to achieve a good balance between the leadership roles I am performing and my coaching and leadership work.

Currently I am leading a fundraising campaign with a goal to raise £50,000 to fund two Huntington's specific nurses in Scotland. Anyone can get involved, find out more at SHApe Up with Winckless and to sponsor me, please go to our fundraising page.

I will work with clients to recognise your strengths and leverage these to achieve your goals. I know that you will feel more confident, motivated and energised when you have better personal understanding and a clear path or vision. I can work with you to decide how best to use your time and your talents to get the results you want; whether it’s for your life or your business. Once you have the knowledge and understanding of what you want to do and how to get there, then you get to choose how far and fast you go. Being at choice is a powerful and energising mindset.

I can work with you through personal individual coaching, team coaching, by writing workshops for your teams to learn more about themselves and through delivering speeches.

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I believe that to be the best we can be we must keep learning and evolving, and many of my business and personal decisions are driven by the mantra that I want to be either earning or learning. I have just completed 4 years on the British Olympic Association Board as Chair of their Athletes Commission, am a director of Flint Performance Partners and I am now a qualified British Rowing umpire.

My background was in Elite sport, an Olympic bronze medalist and double World Champion, I rowed for Great Britain at three Olympic Games and six World Championships. I was an athletic all-rounder, with an England Vest for discus throwing and Cambridge Blues in netball, basketball, athletics and rowing but it wasn’t until I was 23 and left university that I was ready to focus on just one sport and find out just how far I could go.

But life is never straightforward, and for me a huge challenge was staying focused as my mum started to suffer with Huntington’s disease and I discovered that I too had the gene for the disease. However, whatever the challenges, I believe that by focusing on the positives and working with what you can control, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic present and an exciting future.

I have done my best to promote this attitude within the Huntington's Community and beyond, and I was humbled recently to receive the Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration at the Sky Sports and Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year Awards.

I am truly driven to use my skills and experiences to make a difference to the lives of others. Using my story, I quickly connect with an audience and the groups and individuals I work with and am keen to learn their stories too. I really enjoy working with diverse groups and have experience across a range of sectors including business, sport and charities.

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